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Often restarting Windows Explorer manually can get quite cumbersome.  Especially when you want to do it the proper way.  Until now you needed Task Manager to close Explorer the hard way (which is the improper way by the way).  Or you could use the "Turn off computer" screen, but that takes even more time and mouse clicks.  ShellDispenser on the other hand allows you to restart Windows Explorer quickly and easily!

ShellDispenser is a small utility that will make restarting Windows Explorer that much easier.  Closing, starting and restarting Explorer can be done in multiple ways;

This way there will always be a method of manipulating Windows Explorer that best suits your needs.  You can e.g. use ShellDispenser as a part of your installation process or as an integrated step in your namespace extension build process.

If restarting Explorer is a part of your job, then ShellDispenser is the tool you have been looking for!


Some benefits of ShellDispenser are: