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Restarting Windows Explorer couldn't be easier!
Restarting Windows Explorer couldn't be easier!

ShellDispenser cracks, serial numbers and keygens

Dear ShellDispenser user,

We at TwoLogs have worked hard to make ShellDispenser to what it is today.  But creating good software costs time, effort and thus money.  Therefore we sell licenses to use ShellDispenser.  When our users stop buying licenses, we cannot continue the development of our products.

Searching for software cracks and installing them also puts you at risk: many cracked versions and serial number generators (keygens) contain virusses or other types of malicious code.  Only using the unmodified versions of our software (which you can download and try for free from our site) will guarantee that you do not run the risk of installing virusses or other "malware" on your computer.

Another great benefit of buying a license for ShellDispenser is that this also entitles you to get support with ShellDispenser when needed.  You will also be able to install new versions for free released within a year after purchase, and get discounts on new versions released after your free update period.

All in all: are you willing to run these risks and be left out of support for a saving of just US $ 10.99?