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Restarting Windows Explorer couldn't be easier!
Restarting Windows Explorer couldn't be easier!

Install ShellDispenser

To install ShellDispenser on your computer, you must run the setup program.  To obtain the latest version of ShellDispenser, visit the ShellDispenser web site.  Note that you can also subscribe to the ShellDispenser update mailing list so you will never miss an update to ShellDispenser.

When you start the installation program and click "Next" on the introduction window, you will see our end user license agreement.  If you accept the agreement, you can continue the installation of ShellDispenser.

On the following installation window you are prompted to specify where ShellDispenser needs to be installed.  This can be anywhere on your computer, but by default ShellDispenser will be installed in your "Program files" folder.

The next installation window lets you specify the name of the start menu folder in which ShellDispenser will store the shortcuts to the program, the help pages and the uninstaller.  This folder can be given any name.

In the next installation window, you can specify whether or not you want a shortcut icon to ShellDispenser on your desktop.  If the installation process has found a valid ShellDispenser license in a previous ShellDispenser installation, you can also directly apply this license to the new ShellDispenser installation.

The following installation window shows you a short summary of what actions will be performed by the setup program.  Clicking "Install" on this window will start installing ShellDispenser with the options you specified.

The last installation window enables you to start ShellDispenser directly.  Click "Finish" to exit the installation program.