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Restarting Windows Explorer couldn't be easier!
Restarting Windows Explorer couldn't be easier!

Install your license

ShellDispenser licenses are packaged in separate installation programs.  This way, you can be sure that the license file will be put at the correct location on your computer.  Once you have bought a license for ShellDispenser, you can download it anytime from the My license section on the ShellDispenser web site.  To log in to your license page, use the license number and e-mail address specified in the confirmation e-mail you received after purchase.  Once you have installed your license, these details are also shown on the "My license details" window.

When you start your license installation program, the introduction window will confirm your registration details.

On the next window you are prompted to specify which ShellDispenser installation you want your license applied to.  If the installation of ShellDispenser was successful, the correct location will already be specified.  If you have multiple versions of ShellDispenser installed, each one is listed.  You can of course install your license to as many ShellDispenser installations as you like.  If the correct location is not specified, you can specify it by choosing "Select other location" and then browsing to it.

The following installation window shows our end user license agreement.  If you accept the agreement, you can continue the installation of your license.

The next installation window shows you a short summary of what actions will be performed by the setup program.  Clicking "Install" on this window will start installing your license.