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Restarting Windows Explorer couldn't be easier!
Restarting Windows Explorer couldn't be easier!

Main window


All Explorer operations can be performed from the main window.  All other windows can also be accessed from the main window.

Main window

Available options

Label "This product is licensed to"
The license information.  If no license is installed, or if there is something wrong with your installed license file, this will be shown instead.
Menu "File \ Hide"
Hide ShellDispenser in the notification area.
Menu "File \ Exit"
Button "Exit"
Key combination "Alt + X"
Key combination "Alt + F4"
Exit ShellDispenser (Alt + F4 will only work if you do not have "Close to notification area" enabled in the "Settings" window).
Menu "Explorer \ Close"
Button "Close Explorer"
Key combination "Alt + C"
Closes Explorer if it is already started.
Menu "Explorer \ Start"
Button "Start Explorer"
Key combination "Alt + S"
Starts Explorer if it is closed.
Menu "Explorer \ Restart"
Button "Restart Explorer"
Key combination "Alt + R"
Restarts Explorer.
Menu "Options \ Edit settings..."
Edit the settings ShellDispenser uses.  Shows the "Settings" window.
Menu "Help \ How to use this window"
Key "F1"
Show the main window help page.
Menu "Help \ How to use ShellDispenser"
Show the ShellDispenser help pages.
Menu "Help \ Check for updates..."
Checks with the ShellDispenser website if new updates are available for ShellDispenser.
Menu "Help \ How to license..."
Shows information on how to license ShellDispenser.  Opens the "No license" window.
Menu "Help \ My license details..."
Shows information on your installed license.  Opens the "My license details" window.
Menu "Help \ Get support..."
Opens the support page.
Menu "Help \ About..."
Shows information about the version of ShellDispenser.  Opens the "About ShellDispenser" window.